I Can… By Roddy Riddle


I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick start the 2014 Diabetes Week by getting invited to the Animas type 1 diabetes sports weekend as a guest which was held in Loughborough University last Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 50 type 1 diabetic delegates.

The weekend kicked off on Friday late afternoon with a presentation by Dr Ian Gallen who is a Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist at the Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust on sport and exercising with type 1 diabetes going into detail on when to do basal insulin reductions and how much carbohydrate is required before, during and after depending on blood glucose levels. Dr Gallen also spoke about insulin reductions for people who were using Multiple Daily Injections rather than an insulin pump.

Saturday started with a presentation by Dr Alistair Lumb who is a Consultant Physician at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust on Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors for sports and exercise this was followed by a cross country running followed by palates and a spinning class before lunch. After lunch we were given a presentation by Carin Hume who is a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital on Nutrition and Weight Loss, this gave our lunch time to settle before we were then all put through our paces during a circuits class. The days activities allowed the delegates to try out all the expertise they had learned during the presentations but in a safe environment.

I had the privilege of doing the pre evening meal presentation on running the Marathon Des Sables and the challenges having type 1 caused during the race. I also spoke about my next challenge the Ice Ultra Marathon in February 2015.

Sunday we had Claire Duncan do a interesting presentation on living with type 1 and it’s added problems being female followed by The Grumpy Pumper and Anne Presswell doing a presentation on social media and its benefits for the diabetes online community.

The weekend was very inspirational for all who attended. On Sunday we all broke up to head on our separate ways having met lots of amazing new friends and having learnt a wealth of new knowledge from some of the most advanced experts in the World.

It was a tremendous weekend and has given myself and all who attended a superb start to the 2014 Diabetes Week for sure.

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