The Little Diabetic that Could – Lucy Thomas


Yes being a Type 1 Diabetic can suck but actually, on many occasions, it presents the opportunity to see the funnier side. I’ve attempted to highlight some of these occasions in the following poem on behalf of Diabetes Week 2014 so enjoy!

The Little Diabetic That Could

I can freak people out as I inject here and there
Halt them mid-talk whilst they stop and stare
‘Take a picture’ I quip, it lasts longer you’ll see
Now get back to your food and leave me be

I can make check-in staff stumble over their lines
Sharp items in carry-on? Hmmm about 100 this time
Please declare your liquids, its airline regulations
Here’s all my insulin, sealed up in preparation

I can scare my mates when my sugars are low
No I’m not going mental, just having a hypo
I can seem out my tree when my sugars are high
A hyper‘s just as random as I race flying by

I can inject myself, in all situations
From flights with turbulence to dodgy bus stations
Discreetly at parties with no one the wiser
With just one hand whilst drinking Budweiser

I can eat chocolate bars, those that think they know shout
‘What are you doing? Spit that out!’
I sigh, tilt my head and politely reply
‘I can eat what I want. So hush your cry’

I can do what I want whenever I please
It’s not a death sentence just a silly disease
So don’t let it take over and cause you strife
Triumph in spite of it, be brave, it’s your life.

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