I Can…. – By Rachel


When I first got diagnosed with my diabetes my mind was full of “I cant’s…” anymore. But in reality I have found that life is still very much full of “I can’s…”, some of which are ones you and certainly I, might never have thought of!

One of those is a new hobby I’ve taken up since being diagnosed. Now, you might laugh when I tell you about this and that’s fine by me but to me this is like the ultimate proof of diabetes not stopping you from doing anything and if I could tell any newly diagnosed person anything its probably this story. If ever there was the ultimate 2 fingers to diabetes, for me its this…

After my diagnosis, i felt like most of us do – down, overwhelmed and like life had suddenly become much more limited. I decided to try and open my horizons a little and take a new class at a local college. I didn’t really have anything specific in mind so just looked through what was on offer and the one which jumped off the page for me was… sugar craft!

Yes, I know, you’re all laughing now and calling me nuts. A diabetic working with sugar, hilarious right? Irony working at its best!

But it was a subject I’d been interested in for a while. I watched all the TV shows and have always been into crafts. Yet everything in my life was saying this was the most ridiculous choice for a class ever, especially given my recent diagnosis! I mean cmon, my life had become all about reforming my diet, avoiding a lot of things including sugar and here I was seriously considering working with the stuff! But the more I thought about it the more I thought… well why can’t I?

I’m learning skills and discovering talents I never knew I had and improving my social life too with a great bunch of people I’d never have met otherwise. That thing that I thought was so ridiculous and I couldn’t do, I can. Not only that but its actually improved my life in so many ways and helps me deal with the bad times.

Anytime I think I cant do something, I think about my new hobby, my class and think 2 fingers to diabetes because I CAN!

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