Goodbye Omnipod – By Emma

In my previous Omnipod review, I mentioned how the one of the few negatives I had about the Omnipod was the allergic reaction which I was experiencing. When writing that blog my nurse was unsure what exactly I was allergic to, whether it was the adhesive, the cannula or the insulin. With the help and support of my nurse and consultant and the very technical process of trial and error we eventually found out what the cause of the reaction was.

Firstly I contacted the Omnipod customer support number and they recommended using a removal spray as they felt that the reaction might be caused by my skin being sore from removing the adhesive. They sent me some of this removal spray free of charge in the post. Although the spray definitely made it more comfortable when removing the pod it did not improve my skin, if anything it irritated it more.

In a second phone call they recommended using a barrier spray or dressing. After a long conversation with the very helpful lady on the other side of the phone she felt that I was probably allergic to the adhesive. As a result of this my nurse supplied me with some IV3000 dressings to place in between my skin and the pods. Furthermore, my nurse felt that if it was the cannula causing the irritation then piercing it through the IV3000 may remove some of the coating and ease the reaction. However, much to my disappointment the reaction remained and my skin was equally as sore when I changed the pod.

Secondly we queried whether I was actually allergic to the Nova Rapid insulin, as with a pump you have a lot more insulin entering through one site. I ate a lower carbohydrate diet for a few days to see if the reaction lessened, but this had a very minimal effect. I also tried switching to Humalog insulin but I still had a reaction.

After trying all the different options it became clear that I was most likely allergic to the Omnipod cannula and as it is an all in one system I didn’t have the option to try a different cannula. My nurse also felt that it was only a matter of time before I got a more serious infection because of the trauma my skin was experiencing every 3 days.

Last month my nurse and I agreed that the best thing to do would be to trial a different pump. So it was time to say goodbye to the Omnipod and hello to the Medtronic Paradigm Veo. I felt really gutted that I had had such a reaction to the Omnipod as I found it really easy to use and loved the fact it was tubeless.

This week my own Medtronic insulin pump was ordered, and although I still have a very slight reaction to the soft cannula, my skin is a lot more at ease, plus I have the option of using the Sure-t metal cannulas which I am pleased to say I do not have an allergic reaction to.

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  1. Sue Hughes says

    Hi Emma,

    Sorry to hear that you are allergic to the Omnipod cannulas. I hope things are better with the Medtronic Paradigm Veo.

    I currently have an Animas Vibe, but this is up for renewal next month. I’m undecided which pump to go for. I do like the idea of a tubeless system. I’m considering the new tubeless pump, from Cellnovo. I have a meeting with other potentially interested patients, my DSN and the company rep on tuesday. It has only recently been launched and i didn’t want to make a decision without seeing this pump first.

    Best wishes,


  2. Shell says

    Hi Emna. We have a son who is having exactly the same problem, I have also spoke to omnipod my DSN and a tissue viability nurse and are still no further in finding out what he is allergic to. We tried a barrier film and a barrier spray also a removal spray with no effect. Would you be able to tell me what your irritation looked like on your skin. Any other info like what rep you spoke to and if your hospital could help my DSN with advice would be great.
    Really hope you like your new pump and if anything it is comfortably to wear.

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