All I want for Christmas… – By Helen May


Dear Santa,

I know you are busy making toys for all the children who have been good this year, so I will keep it simple: a cure for diabetes can wait until you are less busy. This year, I would like a tool to help me manage my diabetes.

Yuletime can be a little more challenging than usual because of all the food (not that I am complaining about the food). Not just more food than usual but food I don’t eat the rest of the year: food I don’t know the carb count so don’t know how much insulin to take. Unfortunately, this means I make mistakes and can’t enjoy the celebrations as much I would like.

So I would like a tool that tells me the constituents of of the contents of my dinner plate. The amount of proteins would be interesting. The amount of fat could be useful to make up for the season of excess … but it would be good if I could hide this reading and the number of calories during celebrations. To help cut down on salt, it would be useful to know how much there is in my dish. But most importantly, I would like to know how many carbs are in my Mum’s homemade cranberry sauce, chestnut stuffing, Christmas pudding, mince pies…

This may sound as futuristic as a cure for diabetes but they have designed a food sniffer (my name). It can calculate number of calories, different types of fat and amount of carbs in food through spectroscopy.

There are a few limitations: for starters, it is not available until August but I can wait. And it isn’t discrete so would probably distract me and my friends from our food. But it could be an interesting talking point for my geeky pals. Next year, Santa, I may ask you to link it up to the insulin pump (which has shrunk to the size of a pancreas) and automatically dial up the correct dose of insulin.

So Santa, if you’re too busy to sort out the diabetes cure, when you have time, can you make me an automatic carb counting, hormone sensitive, energy aware pancreas for Christmas?

Many thanks,

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