Food Glorious Food – By Lucy Thomas


When you break it down, diabetes is really all about food. Your insulin is measured by what food you eat as well as what exercise you intend on doing meaning you become incredibly obsessive about EVERY LITTLE MORSEL that enters your mouth. Others may disagree but I obsess frequently over it….so I thought I’d write about it.

It may seem sad to read but I have come to actively dislike food (I’ve been told hate is too strong a word so trying to use it less). Each mealtime has become an ordeal to the point where I’d rather not eat at all. Before you start panicking and think that I’m sat here starving myself, wasting away, a waif like figure in the wind, fear not! I do eat….I just don’t enjoy it.

I guess my disdain for food has grown over the years. Now everything I eat is considered carefully according to that days schedule or the insulin I’ve already injected. I mean how can you enjoy a nice cottage pie when all you’re thinking ‘I CAN’T EAT ALL OF THIS, I HAVEN’T INJECTED ENOUGH INSULIN, BUT IT’S SO GOOD, BUT IT’S FULL OF CARBOHYDRATES, YES BUT I’M GOING FOR A WALK LATER, BUT WHAT ABOUT THAT HOB NOB YOU HAD 3 DAYS AGO…..????!!!!!’ And then your face explodes, in a messy pile on your untouched food.

Hmmm, I may be being overly dramatic but I feel each meal time is a battle between eating properly and actually enjoying it. I’d love to be able to go out for a meal, eat it, and just relax. Not sit there thinking I’ve got to jog round the restaurant for 20 mins otherwise I’m going to wake up 6 stone heavier and my sugar levels are going to be higher than the Empire State Building. Again, before any of you panic, I’ve never jogged around a restaurant…maybe just walked rather quickly to the loo but that’s down to a beer too many.

Ironically, for a diabetic, I do have rather a sweet tooth so a jaffa cake will always be far more appealing than a piece of ryvita with lashings of celery. URGH!

But, as any diabetic knows, it’s down to personal responsibility and the only person who’s going to make sure that I’m fit and healthy is me, and eating properly is a big part of this. SO…I shall battle on and perhaps one day it’ll be a bit more ‘food glorious food’ and bit less ‘food, oh god not you again’.

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Hi Helen,

Thanks for your comment and I appreciate what you mean. When it comes down to it I can just inject more fast-acting insulin if I end up eating extra. That particular part of my blog was more a reference to the mental process I go through every time I eat something and the constant battle of eating properly, not just eating anything I want and counter-acting it with more insulin. Not suggesting that’s what you do (or anyone else!) but it’s an all too easy trap to fall in to….e.g. eat a load of cake, take more insulin, no harm done!

The joys of type 1 diabetes :-)

Hi Lucy,
Whilst we all suffer from the ever ending need to eat to live and to exercise in order to use up that extra food we ate (unless we go back to being hunter-gatherers), I am surprised by your comments about not having taken enough insulin for extra yummy extra food. I often top up my insulin based on that extra scrumptious food I could not resist. Perhaps I am doing it wrong or this is not possible on your insulin regime?