If Sherlock came to visit – By Helen May


I confess, when watching television, I have been known to comment on interior decoration or clothes or voice of real life people. I try not to be too critical in case the tables were turned. Judging by my own thoughts, the general pubic could be too cruel to consider; I wonder what television experts would make of my home/style/cooking. What would Mary Berry say about my Victoria sandwich? What would George Clarke make of my use of my small space living room? What would Mary Porter make of my decision to make some of my own clothes?

At least all these examples are real people. However, sometimes, I go a bit further and try to insert fictional characters into my life. Wouldn’t it be great if Doctor Who took me time travelling in his tardis? Or if I could have breakfast at Tiffanys with Audrey Hepburn? I think I could be a great potions teacher at Hogwarts. How would I feel if I discovered one of my bets friends was an Alpha? What if a terrible crime happened and a famous detective, like, say, Sherlock Holmes, came to investigate why I was found collapsed on my kitchen floor with no sign of forced entry.

I can’t imagine he’d find any indication of foul play in my living room: what could you do with a television, sofa and books? The dining room looks pretty innocuous with a table chairs, cupboard full of plates and a hi fi. The kitchen is full of suspicious objects like sharp knives and some fresh fruit and vegetables.

As Sherlock moves upstairs to investigate, he first comes to the bathroom. There are chances of poison from cleaning products but it doesn’t look as if these have been opened for some time. Within the spare room, the shorts drying on the rail indicate that I have been running recently so could I have collapsed from exhaustion?

Digging around in my bedroom drawers, things start get interesting. First Sherlock notices notes a tube of foot moisturiser: this is a girl who looks after her feet. Then a number of muesli bars next to the bed. Hmmm – is it really likely that the sort of person who goes running has midnight snacks? And what’s this? A medical looking magazine: is the victim a receiving or giving of medical care? There’s a also a pile of rubbish – small pieces of paper, plastic caps and inch long scientific looking strips.

I imagine Sherlock is putting all the facts together now. Someone who looks after themselves. Exercising and eating reasonable well. Pays attention to their feet. Has a supply of emergency carbohydrates close at hand all time of the day and night. Reads about specific medical conditions. I suspect by now, he no longer needs to look through the pile of needles and lancets to deduce that he is at the home of someone with diabetes and, whilst I don’t look good, there’s probably no foul play involved.

If he returned to the kitchen and checked the fridge, he’d find the Orange Box and promptly inject some glucagon to bring me back round from my hypo.

Probably not the most exciting episode of the series but maybe an idea for educational video about diabetes?

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