An unusual request – by Jo Forrest

We had a slightly unusual phone call yesterday from a lady called Jo, with a request for something we don’t normally do. But, to help her celebrate having 30 years of Type 1 diabetes we said we’d see what we can do. Plus, it does seem like a great way to raise some awareness of Type 1 diabetes. Read on to see what Jo’s up to…

On 19th September 2013 I will have lived for 30 years complication free with Type 1 diabetes. To celebrate I’d love to go to the live recording of Channel 4’s “The Last Leg” which my husband and I love.

The programmes have really championed people with disabilities and I love the humour of their presenters Adam Hill, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker. I’ve applied for tickets for the show on 18th September, but sadly they’ve all gone, so I’m on the waiting list.

However, I doubt that any spare tickets will come up, so I thought I would campaign online to see if I can not only get to see the show, but also raise awareness of Type 1…

I’ve written a poem and recorded my plea here on YouTube:

For many years I felt very isolated, and was living in fear of the complications that can arise with Type 1 diabetes. It wasn’t until I attended a dose management course for people with Type 1 that I began to relax and realised that it isn’t all doom and gloom if your diabetes is well controlled.

I also met a lot of other people in a wide age range who, like me, live with our little friend 24/7 and it’s great to know that others DO know exactly how I feel!

I’m hoping that Adam, Josh and Alex will find room in their hearts and the studio, to accommodate my husband and I and that this this raises awareness of Type 1 diabetes, giving hope to those recently diagnosed that the future need not be bleak.

Any money I make through advert clicks will go to the Diabetes UK. Could you please help me by watching and spreading the word via social media?

You could maybe lobby @TheLastLeg asking something along the lines of “#isitok for @joforrestpr to come and see The Last Leg live to celebrate 30 years living with #diabetes?”

I hope that the more @AdamHillsComedy, @joshwiddicombe and @alex_brooker hear about my campaign, the more likely they are to find me a seat and give diabetes a mention!

Thank you!

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