Monster Manor – help develop a game


Diabetes UK is working with Sanofi and Ayogo Health to develop Monster Manor, a game which encourages children with Type 1 diabetes to carry out their blood glucose testing. Monster Manor is played on Apple and Android mobile devices and rewards players with in-game prizes for logging and tracking their blood glucose test results.

The game will be launched through the Apple and Android stores in October and we are currently accepting applications for up to 100 families who would be prepared to download and test the app as well as take part in two online surveys – one before and one after using the game…

If you are interested in taking part you will need to have an:
• iPhone 3GS (iOS 4+) or higher
• iPod Touch 4 (iOS 4+) or higher
• iPad 1 (iOS 4+) or higher
• Android Phone (OS 2.3+) less than 2 years old*
• Android Tablet (OS 3.0+)*

You will also need to register your email address with Ayogo so that they can send you a link to the questionnaires and notify you when the game is available to download for free. To register the name and email address you will need to send an email to

In addition, we are also looking for five families to help us with a more in-depth review of the game. This will involve you taking part in a 20-30 minute telephone survey with our researcher, and then you and your child paying a visit to Diabetes UK’s offices in Camden, London for a 60-90 minute hands-on session with the game. This will take place on Thursday, 29h August 2013. Travel expenses will be reimbursed and refreshments will be provided. At this time, only families with iOS devices will be able to enrol in this advance study.

You and your child would spend between 60 and 90 minutes with our researcher and one of our clinical advisers, Libby. This will involve a conversation about blood glucose testing and living with Type 1 diabetes as well as your experience with playing the game. You will need to be in touch with Ayogo to set up your device, then bring your device with you so that the game can be loaded. You will then get a chance to play a beta version of the game. We will also want to watch, and potentially video record, your child playing the game and get their views on it. For part of the session we will ask to speak with your child on their own about their experiences with blood glucose testing.

In addition we would ask you to continue to play the game at home. This will then be followed up by a second telephone survey with the researcher. As a small thank you for your time, we will give both you and your child a £10 Amazon voucher.

If you are interested in taking part, please do get in touch. Email by Monday, 26 August 2013. Depending on the responses we get, we will choose five families with children of varying ages and we will notify you as soon as possible whether or not you have been selected. Let us know if you’ve got any questions – tweet @DiabetesUK or post in the comments :)

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This looks like a fantastic way to track BG, taking it away from mundane routine for my 13 year old daughter would really encourage her to check more frequently.