Join us in Westminster on June 5

We’re taking our Type 1 Essentials campaign to the House of Commons on June 5 and we want you to join us. We’re looking for children with Type 1 diabetes and their families who would like to travel to Westminster to meet their MP and talk about the issues you face when it comes to your diabetes.

We know children and young people with Type 1 diabetes don’t always get the care and support they need which is why we produced the Type 1 Essentials for Children and Young People. This booklet outlines the 10 essential checks, care and help that all children and young people with Type 1 diabetes should be getting, and we want to make sure MPs know exactly what they are. To do that, we need your help.

Along with talking about the Type 1 Essentials you will get the chance to tell your MP about your own experience of having diabetes, Type 1 care, any specific problems you are facing, and discuss the things that would make life easier. Getting MPs to hear real life stories about how care affects the lives of people with diabetes can really have a huge impact.

Diabetes UK will pay for your travel to and from the event, arrange the meeting with your MP and provide food and entertainment on the day. Plus, you’ll get the chance to meet other children and families living with Type 1 diabetes too.

If you’re not sure what you would say to your MP, don’t worry! Part of the day will be helping you to prepare for meeting them. Contrary to some people’s opinions MPs do actually like to hear from their constituents and you can give them a powerful message by simply telling them about your own experiences. We’re sure you’d have a lot of things you could tell them about.

We’d love you to join us at Westminster and take part in our campaign to improve care for children with Type 1 diabetes. The day will run from 1pm to 6pm with plenty of time for breaks. If you need to arrive a bit late or leave early, then that won’t be a problem.

If you would like to take part and join us in Westminster then please get in contact with us. Likewise, if you have any questions about the day, please get in touch. You can email us on or call us on 020 7424 1008.

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Hi, I am a secondary teacher who mentors young people in our school who have Diabetes Type 1 and I have had it myself for over 18 years. I would be glad to come along if you could use me.

I sent a message from the ipad yesterday unsure if you got it as it does not show up on here would like to take part my son was dianosed when he was 2 years and 6 months he is now 6 years old

My son Is 10 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes three years ago and we would like help.

Hello i have just received letter back from my MP GISELA STUART with a copy of the department of health letter.

We would like to take part my son was diagnosed when he was 2and 6months he is now 6 years old

Hi im interested in taking part as my daughters been recently diagnosed! But she’s only 20 months old, would this be a problem?

I’ve had diabetes type 1 for 4 years more needs to be done for fellow diabetics the government should sit down and listen to these people it’s not about money it’s about making life’s better with the right medication that should be available hope the lobby goes well for all concerned.

Great initiative.
Are you planning for something similar for adults with type 1 diabetes?
The challenges of managing diabetes do not stop once we reach 18. It would be beneficial to educate our MPs about these challenges and the different challenges we experience compared to our type 2 friends.

Hi we would like to attend on 5 th June. My son (10 next month) has been T1 for 18 months. We would both love to make the MP understand what T1 families go through every day. Regards Jess

My daughter Is type 1, diagnosed 2009 and has struggled with getting it controlled. She’s suffered none stop with extreme high bm readings and is continually testing and injecting. She now suffers panic attack due to stress because of this and is continually off school. It’s a total nightmare dealing with this.

Hi I would like to attend the Westminster lobby with my son who has diabetes type 1 , he is 13 and has had diabetes for 3 years, I am a student nurse and my dad also has diabetes, I would love to help and would be very interested in other fundraising, trials.
Thanks Lynda joll

I am still relatively new to type 1 diabetes having only been diagnosed 6 months ago. I think it is very important for people who are ignorant to diabetes to listen to the people who have it, not because we expect sympathy but because we are living the condition and know better than anyone the struggles you can face.

My previous comment still applies i put the wrong email address my ten yr old daughter would love to take part as she has type 1 diabetes and we would live to help by talking to the mp pls let us no if we can help.