#AskJen – by Jen Grieves

Our video blogger Jen has been busy… A few weeks ago we asked our Twitter followers to tweet Jen their diabetes related questions and said that she would answer as many as she could. Jen received a lot of questions and picked a few of the best ones to reply to, sharing her experiences.

If you’ve got a question for Jen, tweet her at @MissJenGrieves and use the #AskJen hashtag. We’re excited that Jen wants to do another one of these videos, but can only do so with your help!

Here are the questions (and times they appear in the video) that Jen answers:

01:04 – “I’m 18. Do you feel completely different to other people knowing you can’t do a lot of things they can?

04:00 – “Ever had a hypo at an awkward or embarrassing moment?

07:52 – “What D magic power is your most boast-worthy?

09:18 – “What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said to someone while hypo?

11:23 – “Have you ever used D as an excuse when it wasn’t really the reason?

13:04 – “Have you ever panic over-treated a hypo and if so what was the most you ever ate?

14:41 – “Have you got any of those lumps from injecting in the same place?

16:32 – BONUS FOOTAGE! #meerkatjen

Thanks Jen – you’re a star.

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