First week down – by Joe Freeman

I’m one week in to my training. A whole four runs have been completed. Four. I’m pretty pleased with myself, I must say. I’m still slow, it still hurts a bit, but I’ve definitely noticed a changed already. The first 2 minute block of running I did last week was the looooooongest 2 minutes ever. I wont lie, it was tough. But having just got back in from running 3 minute blocks – I felt ok, and managed it fairly well, despite it being ABSOLUTELY FREEZING. I even thought I could keep going longer. Run, Joe, run!

There’s a running club at Diabetes UK apparently (who knew…), and I seem to have somehow been included on the email circulation list. That didn’t take long – and I haven’t even been telling everyone about my exploits. Rest assured, when it comes to sharing my JustGiving page, people will be getting a bit fed up with me going on about it. Anyway, the purpose of the email was to invite staff who are attending the Diabetes Professional Conference in Manchester to take part in a (and I quote) “5km Fun Run“.

Fun. Run.

I’m still not there yet – fun?! – but seeing as the last run session on my current training plan says “take part in a 5km run” I should probably sign up. I might give it another week or so, just in case the novelty wears off. I’m also mindful of running with other people. I’d guess that people in the Diabetes UK running club actually do proper running and have probably taken part in actual races and talk to each other whilst running. Goodness.

It could be embarrassing for me. So I’m definitely going to see how it goes before committing to that one, but it’d be a good experience. Maybe. Should I just sign up and stop being so melodramatic?

For my next post, I think I’ll dish out some running and diabetes advice. It’d be nice to make this blog actually helpful to people… So get involved – I need your help with this bit.

Post your running/exercise and diabetes questions in the comments and I’ll do my best with my extensive diabetes knowledge to answer them (or I’ll call in a few favours and get our wonderful Clinical Advisors to help out). Type 1, Type 2, old, young, fast, slow, parents who just fancy running – it’d be nice to have a mix.

And a final word of advice – be careful when pounding the streets in the dark. I spent half an hour after my run this evening cleaning up dog poo from my hallway that I inadvertently ran through. Thanks dog owners of South London. Thanks a lot.

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I knew you would come round to the idea. You have to sign up for the 5k. We can run together. First running club outing of 2013 was last night. 5k round Regents Park completed, and no dog poo. Dog owners of North London are clearly far better! :)