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Hi, I’m Mandy and I am part of Diabetes Voices team at Diabetes UK. I wanted to take this opportunity and use our first blog to let you know what Diabetes Voices is, so here goes…

Diabetes Voices is a network of people who campaign and influence for better diabetes care and services nationally and also locally in their own areas.

Across the country people living with diabetes aren’t getting the level of healthcare they need or deserve. If you would like to do your bit to improve this and you haven’t signed up to Diabetes Voices yet – you are missing out!

We already have 1,200 people already signed up and together we’ll have a stronger voice. Diabetes Voices launched in October last year and have had some real achievements in this time.

• In May nearly 70 Diabetes Voices attended the Big lobby in Westminster where they lobbied their MPs to ask them to support our campaign for a national implementation plan for diabetes.

• Diabetes Voices have been invited to speak at four All Party Parliamentary Group meetings about their experiences of living with diabetes.

• Two Diabetes Voices were invited to join the DVLA working group looking at the new revised driving license forms for people with diabetes.

• 40 Diabetes Voices attended a Parliamentary Question Time event in London attended by Paul Burstow MP (then Minister of State for Care Services)

You can read about more about what Diabetes Voices have been up to in our newsletters which can be found in our most recent Diabetes Voices newsletter. We will keep you up to date with achievements in our future blogs.

If you want to do your bit to make a difference there are so many ways to get involved, details of which you can find on our website. We can let you know about all the ways you can get involved then it’s up to you to decide what you’d like to do!

Sign up to Diabetes Voices today! www.diabetes.org.uk/diabetesvoices or call 020 7424 1008.

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This is my new email address. I keep getting a message which says duplicate comment, but it rejected my first submission because the first address contained a comma instead of a full stop

Please note that I have registered to join Diabetes Voices and I have very recently joined the Tamworth voluntary group but I could not persuade the select strip on the registration form to actually select.

I do not know anything much about campaigning for Diabetes UK. I have been diabetes for just over thirteen years and I have recently read the fifteen point treatment plan, the need for a care team, the need for a treatment plan and involvement in the latter. Whilst the NHS treatment of the condition has not been neglectful and I experience most of the items on the plan, I only ever see the diabetes nurse and the various consultations are occasionally, but rarely mentioned. I, indeed, have made errors in my self-treatment and have had to start again effectively, but I think that the existence of a diabetes team is both reassuring and appealing to me. That is the issue that had immediately attracted my attention and there are, doubtless many others. I believe that we should work with the health professionals in a proactive, rather than combative manner and I would welcome the opportunity to assist.

I would like to register to attend the training in Bristol 11th July regards Carol Greechan