Make a connection, Diabetes Week 2012 – by Jen Grieves


Jen’s been very busy lately after starting a rather fabulous sounding new job, but she’s very kindly found the time to put together the third instalment of her brilliant video blog. Rather conveniently, seeing as it’s Diabetes Week, she talks about “making a connection”, which is this year’s Diabetes Week theme.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Please watch, comment and share this with your friends and family.

Jen has also written a post on her site about our Type 1 aware video that we’ve made with JDRF UK. As usual, it’s very good, so pop over and have a read:

Young, Fun and Type 1: Are you Type 1 aware?

Remember you can find Jen on Twitter too, where she may ask you what animal noise she should make in her next video… Thanks Jen :)

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I am currently a student at the LSE, and as part of a project I would like to understand how social media (Facebook, Youtube and Twitter) are able to communicate and deliver valuable health information to young patients in the UK.

Primarily, the aim is to get in touch with and talk to teenagers diagnosed with the condition here in London in order to understand if or not they find social media to be a reliable means for communicating and sharing health knowledge. I also want to find out how they interact and express themselves on the different social networking sites and if they are more willing to share information on one site when compared to another etc.

At the same time, I thought that it may be a good idea get an opinion from you (or any blogger at DUK), on the topic as well. I understand that you may be busy and will have other, more important, commitments, but I thought I might as well give this a try.
Since I found no way of contacting you other than this blog, let me know if you are interested and I will send you my email address from there.

Kind regards and hoping to receive a positive reply from you soon,

Swathi Selvaraj

Loving the boat analogy! :) Some days drifting along with everything going OK, before suddenly hitting some swirling rough water and having to cling on for dear life… What you need then is a good crew around you, people to shout encouragement and/or help you work out which end of the oars is which, and if all else fails drag you out of the water.