This World Diabetes Day we’re launching our new Strategy – Chris Askew

Our new Strategy

Every World Diabetes Day millions of people around the world come together to raise awareness of diabetes. It’s a time to reflect the challenges people affected by diabetes face, to celebrate our shared successes and to look to a future where the harm from diabetes comes to an end.

Despite progress and achievement over many years, we know that getting the changes that people living with and affected by diabetes want for the future will require urgent action.

That’s why this World Diabetes Day, we’re excited to share Diabetes UK’s new and ambitious strategy for 2020-2025 – A generation to end the harm.

Over the five years of our last strategy, our supporters and partners have enabled us to achieve a huge amount. To advance our understanding of diabetes, we’ve funded more research than ever before, propelling a world-leading consortium to make discoveries in immunotherapy for Type 1 diabetes, and funding successful studies into the remission of Type 2 diabetes.

Our campaigns have, too, led to significant societal change, influencing decision makers to improve the lives of people affected by diabetes. Our campaigns have helped make Flash Glucose Monitoring testing available on the NHS across the UK, and cancelled unfair prescription fines. And through our services and information, we’ve supported millions in managing and living with their diabetes, continued to raise awareness of the seriousness of diabetes, and to dispel myths and challenge stigma.

Our Ambitions

But our work together isn’t done until we end the harm diabetes does to millions of people every day. That means realising our two core ambitions:

  • We want people to live well and longer with diabetes, and
  • We want to cure or prevent diabetes

As ever, the needs and motivations of you – the people living with and affected by diabetes – are at the heart of everything we’ll do; you’ve told us what you want, we’ve listened, and our new strategy – we hope – reflects this.

It is evident to all that the scale and seriousness of diabetes demands we move quickly and decisively. Achieving our goals is only possible if we continue to influence at the top level, learn more from people whose voices are under-represented, and invest in turning what we learn into action.

Our five key outcomes

The task ahead of us is significant but – we believe – achievable. But we know to achieve this we’ll need to adapt and grow in our work, and this is reflected in the five key outcomes which frame our strategy. Specifically, that:

  1. More people with Type 1, Type 2 and all other forms of diabetes will benefit from new treatments that cure or prevent the condition.
  2. More people will be in remission from Type 2 diabetes.
  3. More people will get the quality of care they need to manage their diabetes well.
  4. Fewer people will get Type 2 and gestational diabetes.
  5. More people will live better and more confident lives with diabetes, free from discrimination.

Delivering these outcomes won’t happen overnight, requires a step change in resources coming into diabetes and will happen more quickly in some areas than in others. But what these ambitions and outcomes embody are our ongoing commitment to working alongside and learning from people living with, affected by, and working in diabetes to make our vision a reality.

Why are we doing this, and why now? Quite simply, if we don’t set the right level of ambition for ourselves, our partners and society in order to achieve a world where diabetes does no harm, who will?

Diabetes of all types still presents an enormous health challenge, and – as we’ve seen all too often – the conversation about diabetes in our society, driven by the media in large part, has become increasingly divisive, underplayed, and stigmatising. This must change in the next five years. And that change needs to start today.

Working together

Our ambition is bigger than ever before because the challenges and opportunities demand it. We know we can reach our vision, but we can only get there by working together, with you. We need your experience, your energy, your fundraising, your determination to deliver the ambitions at the heart of the next five years of work.

Our success will be measured by the impact our work has on the lives of you – people affected by and at risk of diabetes. But, importantly, it will also only be possible with your support.

Living with diabetes can be so hard and its effects can be devastating for families and loved ones, so while delivering change if often a complex challenge, there is hope now like never before. Diabetes UK expects to lead the collective effort to making people’s lives healthier, easier, better, longer.

We’ve come so far already. But we’ll need your help to make our plans a reality. If we all do one thing, imagine the impact we can have together.

We will reduce the harm diabetes does. We know diabetes is relentless. But so are we.

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