My ultimate top 5 swimming tips

Congratulations! You’ve spent the last twelve weeks swimming, and in the process raised funds for Diabetes UK’s important work supporting people who live with diabetes. The English Channel is a long way, so if you have managed to swim the equivalent, that’s quite an achievement. But however far you have swum for the challenge, you should be proud of your hard work.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the challenge. You might have started a new healthy exercise or rediscovered an old hobby. If you are a regular swimmer already perhaps you stretched yourself further and swum a few more lengths than you usually would.

I hope that you will continue your new habit and get down to the pool as often as you can. Here’s my five tips for making swimming a part of your life.

  1. Take your time
    Don’t race off and try to be a professional swimmer too quickly. It’s much better to take your time and make gradual progress in a way that’s comfortable for you.
  2. Little and often
    Try to get to the pool a couple of times a week and do a little bit often. This is much easier and better for you, and you’ll start to see yourself improve.
  3. Vary it up
    Most people have a favourite stroke, and when you find one that you are more comfortable with, it’s easy to stick with it. But it’s much better for you if you can mix things up and at least try to vary the stroke. This gives you a much better full body workout.
  4. Reward yourself
    Make sure you build in little rewards for yourself. Celebrate the fact that you’ve made it to the pool three times one week, or tried front crawl when you prefer breaststroke, or swam an extra five lengths. It’s a great way to keep motivated.
  5. Enjoy it
    Remember that swimming and exercise is meant to be fun, so enjoy doing it! Try not to stress over how far you are swimming or how hard you are working, and appreciate the amazing thing that you and your body are doing.

Well done for doing the Diabetes UK Swim 22 challenge, and keep swimming!

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