How to fit swimming into your life – by Jack Bridge

I’m in my final year at university, so it’s a busy time for me, with exams and studying – and seeing my friends! Sometimes my schedule is so busy, and it seems difficult to fit swimming in. But I always make it to the pool. If you’re struggling to make exercise a priority and find time to go swimming, here’s my top tips for fitting training into your life.

Go little and often

It’s easier to find a few half an hour slots than one big two hour space in your daily routine. Go to the pool little and often to see the lengths start to add up. Whether you pop along before work or swing by in the afternoon, two or three sessions a week is all it takes to start to eat into that 22 mile target.

Make a date

Put your swimming session in the diary or on the calendar, and commit to it like any other appointment. Don’t break it unless it really is unavoidable. And when you’re back from your session, you can tick it off, which is always a nice feeling!

Use your lunch hour

If you work in an office chances are that you spend your lunch hour sat at your desk scrolling through social media or making small talk with colleagues. Why not head to the nearest pool instead for a swimming session? Just make sure you have a refuelling lunch when you get back.

Take a friend

Make your swimming session a sociable event by bringing along a friend. Not only does making an arrangement mean you won’t want to let them down by breaking your date, it can make things much more fun too, and mean you’re more likely to want to go.


It’s impossible to do everything. There are so many competing demands on our time and things we could be doing that it’s difficult to find time for them all. You might have to let something go. For example, I don’t have the ‘typical’ university experience of going out and clubbing every night, because I’ve chosen swimming. That’s fine – it’s my priority. The challenge is only a few weeks long, so while I hope you’ll be a swimmer for life, remember that it’s only a short term investment if you want it to be.

Now you know how to make time for swimming, all you have to do is do it!

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