Keeping motivated through the challenge – by Jack Bridge

This Swim22 challenge is tough! So if you’re finding it a struggle, that’s perfectly ok. But whatever you do, don’t give up. If you’re starting to feel tired and your motivation is waning a bit, follow these tips to keep you on track.

Trick yourself

Tell yourself that you’ll go to the pool but only do a few lengths. This is a trick that lots of sports people play on themselves when they’re not feeling raring to go. Chances are that once you’re there and have warmed up, you’ll want to stay on a bit longer.

Remember back

Hopefully by now you’re starting to see a real difference in your swimming technique and strength. Compare your fitness and ability to when you first started this challenge, and feel proud of how far you have come.

Prepare the night before

Get your swimming bag ready with all the things you need – costume, hat, towel, water bottle, change of clothes etc. Then when it’s time to go swimming you’re completely prepared and it’s harder to back out.

Remember the good cause

By doing the challenge and getting sponsorship you’re raising money for an important cause. Diabetes UK provide support for those with diabetes and their families. Given that there are almost five million people living with diabetes in the UK, and every day 700 people are diagnosed, this is a big job, and your donations are very much appreciated.

Pat yourself on the back

You’re doing something that is both difficult and requires tremendous commitment – be proud of yourself for that. Reward yourself when you’ve had a good session, whether that’s with  a nice cup of hot chocolate at the pool café, or an evening watching your favourite film. Giving yourself nice incentives will help you get through a session when it seems hard.

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