Thames Path Walk – tips for getting active and prepared

Our Thames Path Walk starts, literally, as a walk in the park. But, after starting in the beautiful Battersea park, the full 13-mile distance takes you along the beautiful Thames Path discovering the famous and iconic sights of London, before escaping to the country, that make it more than just ‘a walk in the park’.

That said, this challenge really is for everyone. So we have a few tips for getting active and ensuring you’re Thames Path Walk ready for Sunday, 5 May.

  1. Set clear goals to move more

Setting goals can help you break down what you need to do and how to do it. Keep a walking diary to see how active you are at the moment and use it to gradually increase your distances.

  1. Plan ahead

We all have busy lives, so try to plan what activity you’re going to do this week and fit it around your social life. You could fit something in during your lunch hour or go for a walk to catch up with friends.

And, as we live in the UK, there’s always the possibility of unfavourable weather. This doesn’t need to stop you, but being ready with a good raincoat (or sun cream) and suitable clothing will mean you can really enjoy embracing the elements.

  1. Start by making small changes

Start small and walk a route you enjoy. Doing just a little bit more each day will still make a difference. It also means you’re more likely to stick to it and the change won’t be such a shock to your daily routine.

  1. Get support

Getting active with others can often give you that extra bit of motivation you need. Whether that’s friends and family, or a local walking group.

Ask at your GP surgery about local services to help you move more. In the meantime, to get you moving, check out Active 10. Starting with 10 minutes of brisk walking can make a big difference to your health.

If you haven’t registered for the challenge yet, then go to the events page for more info and a link to book your place.

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