How to guide for the correct techniques for backstroke, front crawl, breast stroke and butterfly – by Jack Bridge

Para athlete Jack shares his tips.

Front crawl

Lie facing down in the water with your body kept flat and in line with the water surface. Kick your legs from your hips, alternating up and down. Point your toes for more streamlining. Cup your hands, bend your elbow, and circle your arm around over your shoulder and back into the water, scooping back the water as you pull yourself through it. Breathe every couple of strokes.


To glide push your arms out in front of you, at the same time as kicking your legs out like frog, keeping knees bent. Then pull your arms back, keeping them wide, and scoop the water away, bringing your knees back up to behind your hips. Keep your face in the water when you’re gliding, and raise your head to breathe when pulling your arms back.


Kick like a dolphin, keeping your legs together and hinging from the hips. The arm movement is similar to front crawl, except both arms move together. The hands enter in the water thumb first with elbows bent, and there’s a long pull back which propels you through the water. Raise your head every few strokes to breathe.


Lay on your back with you head and spine all in alignment. Kick your legs up and down from your hips, but keep them loose, not rigid. Raise a straight arm up thumb first towards the sky, then turn it so the thumb enter the water first and you scoop back water as you circle it down through the pool. Do the same with the other arm, getting into a rhythm so that every time one arm is out of the pool the other is pulling through it.

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