Why swimming is good for you – by Jack Bridge

Obviously, I love swimming. I’m never happier than when I’m in the pool. But it’s also really good for you. Any activity that gets your body moving, heart pumping, and endorphins flowing is worth trying, but swimming is unique in a few ways.

Here’s five reasons why swimming is so good for you.

It’s non weight bearing

Being in the pool means that the water takes the load of weight from your muscles and joints. This makes it particularly good for people who might not be able to do weight bearing activities such as running, or who have conditions such as arthritis or who are overweight.

It gets oxygen flowing

Swimming is a cardiovascular exercise, meaning that it raises your heart rate and gets oxygen flowing to your lungs. This helps improve heart health, and keeps your lungs strong.

Stress relief

Being in the pool and immersed in water can be very calming – even when you’re swimming fast. Exercise also increases the endorphins in our body – the hormones that make us happy – so it’s a great mood booster.

Full body workout

Swimming uses all parts of the body, so you’re getting a full workout. No matter what stroke you are doing, you will be using your arms, legs, back and core. This means that not only is it a good workout, it’s also a time saver! Efficient exercise!

Builds muscle

The resistance of the water can help you build muscle. You work your core and legs as well as your upper body, toning and building muscles across the entire body. As you get stronger, you’ll find it easier to swim further and faster.

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