Getting started running with Run26

If you’re new to running, or dusting off the cobwebs after a lengthy time-out, it can be hard to know where to start. So we’ve got it down to five essentials that will help you get those feet out the door.

  1. Set yourself a goal, or target. Taking on the Run26 challenge is a brilliant target to get you back in to running, or ensure you continue running through October. Once you’ve registered, step 1 is complete. Our training plan (PDF, 59KB) will help you complete your first short distances.
  1. Get yourself some running trainers. These don’t have to be expensive, but they do need to fit your feet comfortably. Your trainers, and more importantly your feet, are taking you through this journey so give them the love, care and attention they deserve. If you have diabetes, take a look at our Putting Feet First.
  1. Start slow. When we say ‘slow’, we mean slow. If it means starting out walking, then enjoy the walking phase. Then slowly, as you become more comfortable, you can increase your speed, and even your distance. Slow and steady wins this race, we mean it.
  1. Tell a friend. If you tell a friend you’re going to take on a challenge, you’re far more likely to go on and do it. So tell everyone that you’re taking up running, or taking on the Run26 challenge, and use people’s interest in your new activity to drive you on. You may even have some people get involved with you.
  1. When it feels tough, remember why you took on the challenge. There will be times, particularly during the beginning stages of getting into running, where it will be easy to put your feet up and not persevere. Stay strong, be positive, and remember why you set yourself your goal.

So get that target set and join us for Run26 this October. Run towards a healthier you, and a better future for people living with diabetes.

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