Birthdays and peer support – by Vanessa

Hope everyone is well! This is my third blog, and a lot has happened since my last. I would like to thank those of you who commented my last post, giving me advice on how to control my blood sugars more effectively with regards to exercise so that I am not consuming all the calories I have burnt from exercising – which is such a disappointing feeling. I am looking into doing a DAFNE course soon after I finish university for the year, as I feel it will benefit me a lot with improving my control even more of my diabetes, if anyone has completed the course and could provide me with some information on what to expect that would be brilliant!

It was my birthday yesterday, and as you all probably know, birthdays aren’t exactly the best of days for a diabetic, regarding to the two huge birthday cakes I received. I had a slice or two throughout the day (taking the right amount of insulin), and managed to avoid eating the whole cake which I am very proud of! As I’m sure some people would agree, chocolate cake is very hard to resist!

I am very curious into what alcohol most diabetics consume? It would be great if some people could provide me with feedback on their regular drinks (if any) with having diabetes? I just recently noticed on my friends WKD bottle (which I don’t particularly drink anyway), printed on the back “Not for Diabetics”, which got me thinking, what do diabetics usually drink?

With regards to the Peer Support scheme, a few weeks ago I went to my first training meeting, and it was brilliant! I learnt so much about diabetes, and got to chat with other friendly diabetic people, which for me was a very new experience. I had so many questions to ask!

We all met in Birmingham, and from 10am-3pm we were informed about what the scheme involved and what was to be expected. But we also had a chance to provide information about ourselves and our experiences with diabetes which I found fascinating; listening to other people’s stories about their control, emotions, and feelings towards the condition. It made me realise how incredibly important control over your diabetes is, which in a way is what the Peer Support scheme helps with.

Remember, those with any questions, queries, worries – or just for those who need a supportive chat – the Peer Support scheme will be brilliant for you to use, or even help out with as a volunteer! I am attending the next training session on Saturday and I am looking forward to it! After that I will be live on the Peer Support Scheme lines for those who have any questions or need any advice.

I hope you all have a great Easter, even if ours may not consist of hundreds of Easter eggs – think of the calories saved!

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  1. Donna says

    I usually drink vodka, gin, wine. I don’t find that these affect my blood sugars too badly but it’s important to have something to eat on the way home from a night out so your blood sugars don’t dip.

  2. fuzwaz2006 says

    Hi vanessa. I usually drink Vodka and Diet Coke as it has no effect on by blood sugars whatsoever. If I am having a particularly energetic night out with lots of boogying and no sitting down then I will alternate between Diet Coke, normal Coke and water to help with the the alcoholic effect on lowering the blood sugars. As for chocolate cake; I must be in the minority of people who don’t enjoy chocolate desserts but put a Creme Brulee in front of me and I will melt!

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