The story of our ‘what is diabetes’ video series – Jonathan Hatch

Hello. I’m Jon, a content producer here at Diabetes UK. I’d like to tell you about some really exciting new videos we’ve made, and the process we undertook to produce them. Here is the story of our brand new ‘What is diabetes’ video series.

It started with our rebrand. Our old videos, though the information was correct, were too long, too complicated and used our old branding. We wanted our new videos to be simple, engaging and, most importantly, useful to those who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, or those who want to find out more about the condition. This meant working closely with people living with diabetes to determine what sort of information they would have wanted when they were first diagnosed. We opted to make three videos. One explaining diabetes as an overview, and one each going in to more detail about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

We decided to make the videos animated, featuring our friendly bunch of characters that have become synonymous with our charity. Three animation studios pitched to us, and in the end, we opted for Jelly. The team at Jelly joined us for a brand induction, so they knew exactly who we were, how we help and what our goals are.

Storyboarding for one of our videos by Jelly

Our script was painstakingly put together by our copywriter and clinical team to make sure the language was not only correct and relevant, but easy to understand. Once we had a script together and some rough animations, we showed it to people with diabetes and asked for feedback.

We were given some amazing suggestions about language, tone and the information we provided, and we tailored our script and animation accordingly. As much as we wanted the videos to be engaging and on-brand, if we did not get the information just right then there would have been no point in making the videos at all. Our script team agonised over the finer points, taking our community feedback into account, and finally produced a script that everyone was happy with.

Finally, we needed someone to provide the voice over. We reached out to television host and national treasure Philip Schofield, who has a very personal relationship with diabetes as his mum and brother both live with the condition. Philip lent his considerable talents to our project and was the final piece of the puzzle for the videos.

The feedback from people living with diabetes was really good. David Stephens said “If I was just diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, I would have found this information helpful” and Laura Bull told us “I think this is a perfect introduction for those who’ve just been diagnosed or want to find out more.” Our community are so important to us, and the fact that they found the video helpful was really encouraging.

The whole process took us six months. The end product is three clear, short, engaging new videos to help people understand what diabetes is, and we couldn’t be prouder of them. So, be sure to watch them, share them and let us know what you think of them. After all, these videos are for you.





What is Type 1 diabetes?

What is Type 2 diabetes?

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