My Diabetes takes milk, no sugar – by Daisy Shaw

I’ve been absent from the blogging world for quite some time now. The past six months have been hectic beyond belief leaving, with what has felt like little time to even think let alone write. A lot has changed – some things for the better and others… Well, here’s where a bit of faith in fate comes in handy.

Admittedly diabetes has occasionally been put on the back burner since starting university in September. Let me reassure you that when it comes to wanting to improve your lifestyle, neglecting the D is never a good tactic. It hates to be disregarded and it will make you pay for your ignorance.

On a happier note, I am now back on track and am trying to give diabetes a bit of TLC. It’s taking a bit of persuasion, as it isn’t always easy to reason with, but it’s nothing that a combination of carb counting, blood monitoring and dose adjustment can’t sort out. Another diabetic once said to me that by getting to know your diabetes and finding out what works for you, you can live a virtually D-Tantrum free life (he didn’t quite word it that way, but you catch my gist…).

Since being told this I have begun to realise, as you may have done also, that I tend to personify my diabetes. I think of it as a little creature, living alongside me, with needs and preferences. Thanks to my vivid imagination, it is this thought that motivates me to take care of the D.

I think of it when I haven’t been taking care of it and haven’t been carb counting or bolusing correctly…

Then I think of it when I have…

I think of it when I’m exercising…

I know what food it likes to keep its mood balanced and what it doesn’t. I know that my diabetes likes to take milk in its tea, but no sugar.

By doing this it stops me from feeling as though diabetes is my enemy. Alright, so the D requires attention and consideration, and some days it gets out of the wrong side of the bed. However when looked after properly, it’s really not that much trouble at all. Even when it’s feeling low, its mood can always be sweetened with a sugary treat (pun intended!).

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  1. Karen Watson says

    Thank you Daisy,
    I just learned a new word from your blog. I’ve spent over 2 decades surrounded by relatives with diabetes and I have never heard the word ‘bolusing’. Now I have, so I looked it up and now I know what it means – cheers and I love your pictures too by the way. KW

  2. Joe Temple says

    I have had the exact same experience since moving to university in September! It’s nice to know someone is in the same boat and trying to keep on top of it however hard!

  3. greenbelt says

    Hello fellow diabetics!!! I’m new to this blog so please bear with me as I find my way and get to know you.
    May sound selfish but I need you!! I was diagnosed as type 2 approx 2 years ago following a stroke which was a double whammy! Had the stroke out of the blue in my sleep and ended up in hospital for 6 weeks discharged in a wheelchair!! Six months off work and apart from a few balance issues I’m fine.

    Well back to the point of me writing. I am on 2 metformin and 1 gliclocide morning and night. My blood sugar results have never been brilliant 8 – 11 but out of the blue the last week its hiked tp 18/19! Saw the diabetic nurse 2 days ago who calmed me down and have been put on another tablet – sorry cant remember the name at the mo – and said eventually will probably have to go on insulin. Anyone else experienced this? and was there a particular reason for the hike in blood glucose?

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