Bringing our professional conference to people living with diabetes – by Simon O’Neill

Simon O'NeillEach year thousands of diabetes healthcare professionals come to our professional conference to share knowledge and change lives.

Find out how people living with diabetes can get the inside track on this exciting event – including the launch of our brand new Insider event.

The Diabetes UK Professional Conference is taking place Wednesday 14 – Friday 16 March 2018 in London this year. Throughout the week over 3,000 diabetes healthcare professionals and researchers will come together to share knowledge, exchange views and help us transform lives.

We’re not able to open this event up to people living with diabetes, due to strict rules that mean we can’t have pharmaceutical companies exhibiting to members of the public. So here are some of the other ways we’ll be bringing our professional conference to people living with diabetes.

Join us at the Insider

For the first time, we’re delighted to be extending conference to host our brand new Insider event on Saturday 17 March, where people living with diabetes can hear leading experts showcasing some of the best diabetes research taking place, including:

There’s also a session on the role of social media and peer support led by Dr Partha Kar, and a session on exciting new work exploring the effects that language and stigma have when it comes to diabetes by Bob Swindell, who lives with Type 2 diabetes.

We’re delighted to have BBC World Service presenter Alex Ritson chairing our afternoon panel debate. Alex was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes aged 18, and hit headlines last year when he experienced an on-air hypo whole being broadcast on BBC World Service and Radio. The panel debate will explore the opportunities and challenges facing diabetes research in the next 10 years.
And it’s not just about the research. The day is a fantastic opportunity for people living with all types of diabetes to meet up, share experiences and meet some of the people who work at Diabetes UK.

Get involved on social media

We’ll be tweeting throughout the conference using the hashtags #DUKPC and #DUKPCInsider. Follow us at @diabetesuk to find out the latest news from conference and watch video highlights from each day.

At the Insider event we’re recording three sessions (led by Professor Andrew Hattersely, Professor Susan Wong and Professor Roy Taylor). These will be available on the Diabetes UK website for you to watch in full within a few weeks of the event.

Blogging competition

In previous years, we’ve run a blogging competition where people living with diabetes can apply to attend the professional conference and share their experience on social media, in blogs and on video. This year we decided not to hold the competition so we could focus on delivering our first Diabetes UK Professional Conference Insider event.

At conference this year there will be a small number of people living with diabetes who have been invited to report back on their experiences. They’ll be tweeting using the #DUKPC hashtag. We know the decision to not hold the blogging competition this year was disappointing for some people, and we will be reviewing it in the future.

Follow @diabetesuk and @DUK_research to follow the action at conference all week. We’ll be tweeting about the sessions and sharing video highlights each day on #DUKPC and #DUKPCInsider.

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