Lights, camera, action: speaking about losing 6 stone for my son Charlie – by Ken South

When I meet people now for the first time they have no idea that I am a diabetic who has become tablet free and lost a load of weight.

Last week – on Thursday 1 March – the school where I work, closed for the day due to heavy snow. So as normal I planned to make the most of this and get out on my trusty Cannondale Trail bike. However, that all changed when out of the blue a call came from Diabetes UK asking if the Sunday Mirror could interview me about my journey since the Type 2 diabetes diagnosis I received two years ago.

After the interview I left the house to take my wife to work – we chose to cycle due to the snow as taking the car was too treacherous. As we headed off, the mobile rang and the journalist asked if they could send out a photographer to take pictures of Charlie and myself for the article when he came home from school.

After sorting out times and directions, Claire and I rode down the hill to her work and after dropping her off I went cycling along the somewhat frozen canal before returning to pick her up.

We picked up Charlie from school and returned home. The photographer arrived much to Charlie’s surprise and our front room became transformed into a studio where we were photographed and then interviewed in front of the video camera.

After all the excitement, we went off to the sports centre as we’d booked a badminton court to play a quick game – it was good to let us steam after the intensity of filming.

My quiet snow day somehow somewhere had become a busy day that was full of surprises. It just goes to show anything can happen!

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